Noun: a brief evocative description.
Verb: to portray someone in the style of a vignette.

The top, the bottom, the layers, the outfit. The way the bag relates to the clothing and plays up the jewelry. A look that’s as natural as it is unique.

What to pull together is Tania Cole’s specialty. Her knack. Tania and her team at Vignette help women find clothes that suit them and express who they are. The advice comes from experience, connection, and the intuition that a great outfit expresses. A successful vignette evokes happiness––whether you’re seeing or wearing it.

Vignette is about collecting a wardrobe that arranges itself. It’s about key pieces to build on: a favorite tank, a flowing skirt, a versatile wrap. Adding to these key pieces, year after year, constructs a story and builds a style.

Vignette’s approach is instinctual and tactile––with plenty of adjusting, twisting, layering, tying, and flipping until a piece works on a particular body. Become part of Vignette. Have a glass of bubbly and let yourself be layered in the fun of personal shopping.


  • written by Margit Bisztray